Jesse is a New York City native who picks up his camera to find the truth. A rock and roll subscriber, photographer and director, Jesse has dedicated his life to the art, which is evident in his blistering 200+ day work schedule.

He’s worked alongside musical titans, including but not limited to the Boss (Bruce Springsteen), Halsey, the All-American Rejects, Vanessa Carlton, and American Idol darling Phillip Phillips. A loose canon that enjoys black coffee and ’57 Gibson Gold Tops, Jesse is a photographing juggernaut with an endless pursuit to find the perfect image. 

Lauded by his peers, Jesse always remains close friends with those he shoots. He is endlessly expanding his repertoire by engaging new formats within the craft, incorporating both old and new technology to uncover what it is his subject is trying to say before they can say it.

Now living in Los Angeles, Jesse is also an avid Rangers fan and can be found rink-side screaming at Mats Zuccarello to shoot the puck.


Honda/RPA, Hype Machine, Interscope Records, Capitol Records, Astralwerks, Sony, Atlantic Records, Fueled By Ramen, Dine Alone Records, Red Bull Records, St. Martin's Press/Macmillan, Kobalt, Fuse, Fearless Records.


Billboard, Delta Airlines, Nylon, USA Today, Southern Living, Pollstar, NPR, Alternative Press.